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Measuring customer experience is more important than ever.


unhappy customers don't complain


simply leave and never come back


In-store For location based offline business

Start collecting feedback directly from your customers during their visits. Designed to work with any device you prefer - whether smartphone, tablet, kiosk or QR codes. Serves for multi-location business like hotels, salons, restaurants, banks, retail chains, hospitals etc.

In-mail For business with email as primary contact

Gathering feedback from your customers has never been so simple! You provide the email addresses and we look after the rest. Ensure high response rates with less frustrations via email campaigns.

In-web For online and e-commerce business

Automatically gather feedback from your website or webpage visitors easily. Integrated and personalised widgets help you take feedback immediately. No more waiting!

In-app For app based business

Are you a mobile app based business? Look no further. Our native in-app channel helps you collect feedback seamlessly. When your customers provide feedback, they remain inside your app. Keep them on task and highly engaged all the time.

In-Pack For packaged consumer products

Receive feedback from your consumers directly without much fuss. Know what they think about your products through package printed QR codes and unique links. Ideal for FMCG and electronic business.

How it works

Step 1

Create a feedback campaign

Choose from a variety of customizable campaign types and customer experience metrics: NPS, CES, CSAT, Survey, Poll or Quiz. Start customer friendly campaigns with high response rates right away!

Step 2

Publish to your channels

Our omnichannel approach clears all the clutter for you. Gather customer feedback through the channels you prefer; be it a physical outlet, website or mobile app. Start listening to your customers, wherever they are!

Step 3

Insightful feedback everyday

We aggregate and analyse responses across different channels and help you to take better decisions from the insights delivered. Our platform intelligently suggest you the key areas to reduce churn and increase retention and revenue.
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